In the midst of the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, we want to make you discover exclusive sports events in timelapse. Why? Because the time-lapse makes it possible to follow the evolution of incredible sports events from a different angle, as you have never seen them before …

1. A NASCAR race of several hours in just 3 minutes


“NASCAR, or the National Association for Stock Car Racing Auto, is the main body governing stock car racing in the United States where the stock-car is the most popular car racing discipline.” Wikipedia
During stock-car races, the number of laps is impressive, several hundred, and the race last several hours … What to get dizzy!
The timelapse makes it possible to quickly trace this event, from start to victory, in just a few minutes.

Bristol’s 100th NASCAR Race: Time-lapse by Bristol Motor Speedway


2. Lady Gaga’s show at the 2016 Superbowl in accelerated video


“The Super Bowl is the championship final organized by the National Football League, American Football League, where the winners of the playoff games of the two championship conferences face off. ” Wikipédia
Every year, at half-time, a show featuring major international artists is organized, such as for the Super Bowl LI in 2016, where Lady Gaga performed. A show full of colors, lights and fireworks that the time-lapse can bring out.

SBLI Lady Gaga Half Time Timelapse by Natalie


3. Snowkiting: Red Bull Ragnarök, the legendary race time lapse version


Snowkiting is a fairly new sport discipline that can be practiced on skis or on a snowboard and with a kitesurfing sail. The combination of these two materials makes it possible to offer more and more speed on snow to its practitioner. Red Bull has even created a competition that takes place every year in the heart of Norway on the Hardangervidda plateau: the Ragnarök. Red Bull has chosen the mystical name of Ragnarök, derived from Norse mythology, becaus it refers to an end of the prophetic world, a battle between the gods. All this to illustrate the difficulty of the race against the elements, against the other participants and against time, where only a few athletes manage to finish the 130 km of race in less than 5 hours … Relive this grueling race in just a few seconds thanks to the time-lapse.

The Battle of Red Bull Ragnarok from Red Bull Photography on Vimeo


4. International Reeno Balloon Festival in time lapse


The Great Reno Balloon Race is the largest free hot air balloon event in the world that takes place every year near the Nevada desert. With over a hundred balloons at the start, this race amazes every year many spectators. By day, by night, the color palette and the magic of flying air balloons of the year 2014 has been transcribed in an incredible timelapse …



Great Reno Balloon Race 2014 Time-Lapse HD by Chris Casaceli


5. The drivelapse of Vauxhall International North West 200


On a motorcycle, this timelapse give us the opportunity to step ourselves into the shoes of its driver and to travel through this legendary race.
The Vauxhall International North West 200 is Ireland’s largest outdoor sporting event with millions of spectators from all over the world attending one of the fastest motor racing events in the world. Almost 14,500 kilometers of asphalt to engulf for an average speed of 190km/h and a top speed recorded at 320 km/h. To live at least once in your life …
Next edition in May 2018. More info here.



NW200 course timelapse by MCN –


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