To make a perfect timelapse, you have to choose between several parameters such as the duration of the timelapse, the place to capture the time-lapse, the choice of the subject, the beginning of the timelapse but also the shooting distance. To adjust the various parameters at best, there are tips that we unveil today. They are obviously valid for the time-lapse camera Tikee with dual objectives but can also be applied when using other time-lapse cameras.


The 4 tips to make a perfect time-lapse

4 tips to make a perfect time lapse

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Top Time-lapse Shoots Lists 

Take a look on the big lists of Top Time-lapses shoot. Here, you can check amazing uses cases shoots of Time-lapses :

Top 5 most amazing flight lapses

Traveling by plane can be impressive and make you dream. The flightlapse, or flying timelapse, is actually a timelapse made of images from the air. This can be from an airplane, from a hang glider, but also from many other means of transport.

Top 5 of most beautiful sky time-lapses

Discover our top 5 of the most beautiful time lapses of the sky … Ready? Let’s go for the escape!

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