To follow a live event, to monitor a site or to follow the weather evolution of a place, webcams are the most used photographic objects. Their limits are however real while a time lapse camera is able to exceed them and bring interactivity. Discover 5 reasons to choose a timelapse camera rather than a webcam.




A time lapse camera is often autonomous thanks to its integrated solar panel (or not) unlike a webcam that often runs on a power outlet. With a timelapse camera, it’s impossible to miss the right time whatever the place.







Few webcam offer 4K image quality with a panoramic angle to shoot a large scene. With a wide-angle timelapse camera, it is possible to get a professional result with high resolution.



With unlimited connectivity, the time lapse camera ensures remote image upload. These photos can then be streamed on social networks to enjoy the best events in near-live.







The time lapse camera uploads images as you go while making a timelapse movie at the same time. The webcam can only show the moment while the time lapse camera keeps the memories and gives interactivity.



Unlike the webcam that only captures the instantness, the time lapse camera captures it and also the evolution. With it you can trace events that are often invisible.




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