construction site time lapse

The time lapse technique is more and more used in the construction industry. Lots of videos on the Internet shows interior installations or the progress of a building site from its foundation to the final result.


What is the purpose of a time-lapse ?

A time lapse is a video showing off dynamically the different stages of a project. “Reveal the invisible” is not only our motto but also a fact : this technique is the only one able to display the evolution of a slow work through a one-minute video. Sometimes, we have to condense a process of several months in a few minutes.

For example, we have made a few months ago an article dealing with a video showing the evolution of a building during three years.

Thanks to time lapse, site supervision is becoming a PR tool

One can share his final video on the social networks or broadcast it during the opening of a new structure. You can also show it to some potential customers. Furthermore, it is an additional value promoting all the done work, which can boost the team and make the project easier to follow.



e.g. video of an installation we made at the MIPIM 2016



How to make a good time-lapse of construction work ?

Managing to make a great time-lapse is not an easy task. It requires high-quality pictures, a good operating life and the camera to be weatherproof. As a result, it’s generally speaking easier to use a device dedicated to it, since it’s made to fit all the requirements. For instance, Tikee is a complete solution, perfect for this kind of projects. Even better, it’s the first device making time lapses accessible to everyone. Before that, only a professional could achieve this kind of results.

Make the time-lapse of your building sites good-looking through video editing

However, a good time-lapse isn’t only a matter of field of view. The editing is one of the key to achieve a high-quality result. Indeed, one minute of videos requires about 1,500 pictures ! We’ve made the whole editing process easier by developing our own editing app, which can be seen here. This way, we make time-lapse open to as many as possible.


Other ways to use timelapse in construction site