We meet again one week after our first article, to talk again about the Grenoble Street Art Fest. After a first week which started on the hats of wheels, the second proved to be calmer but nevertheless rich in frescos and time lapses!


The reunion

We had already followed the MonkeyBird Crew (@monkeybirdcrew) last year during the realization of their monumental fresco (32 meters high!) on a façade of the Lycée Mounier. Find below the final result in timelapse, whether you missed it or just want to see it again:

This time, the MonkeyBird chose to represent a single bird on one of the facades of the ARaymond complex. It's a loaded and contrasting mural that proves the duo's stencil talent. Other artists also came to color the walls of ARaymond, each with their universe. More timelapses are to come, and we are sure they will impress you! In the meantime, let's go back to the present video. This one contains aerial shots from IsAir Drone, we thank them for letting us use them.

A survey and some happy people

We had submitted a survey to our Facebook subscribers last week. We had several timelapses under the hood and it was difficult to make a choice on which one to broadcast first. So we thought of involving you and we have to admit that we did well! We indeed received many answers, thank you all! You had the choice between Seth and How and Nosm and you chose the latter. It was a close call, congratulations to the artists!

Anyway, here is just for you the timelapse of the monumental fresco of How and Nosm!


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See you soon!

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