A slice-shaped image that reveals a different time of the day… This is a time slice. A photo technique that could be compared to a “static” time-lapse or like time-lapse effect.


What is time slice ?

Do not confuse it with its namesake, the time-slice or “bullet time”, which is an effect produced thanks to many cameras. You can see it in the film Matrix for example where the action is like frozen. A 3D impression is then given to this scene, as if the camera was rotating around the action – using a video editing software.

“Our” time slice is a derivative of time-lapse. In fact, photos of the same event are captured like a time-lapse and then are added one after the other to compose a single final image.
They can obviously be cut in many ways, but the vertical time slice remains the most widespread.

This technique makes it possible to get an exceptional memory of an event in a single image. We will not forget to name one of the masters of the time slice, Dan Marker-Moore. You can admire his work right above here.


Time-lapse and time slice

A time slice can also be made as time-lapse video. Scrolling photos in a certain way will create an unseen time-lapse. In the above example, the slices have been cut radially, which makes an unprecedented effect.

The time lapse-time slice below was realized in the beautiful city of Grenoble. You can also admire the green mountains of the Alps by day and night.

Be careful not to abuse it, at the risk of feeling dizzy!

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