Because concerts and festivals need to receive more and more people, stadiums and open spaces become favorite places for these events. Sometimes it takes hours or even days to set up scenes or just follow the event. That’s why time-lapse is an excellent storytelling tool when an event has to be immortalized. It allows to (re)discover in a few seconds, the before, during and after the show, while revealing new dynamics. Here are some of the best timelapses made for big events


1. When a stadium is transformed for a concert


The stadiums, usually reserved for sporting events, have now become places of cultural entertainment. To accommodate the largest number of people, the concert halls are not big enough while the stadiums are more ready to welcome the greatest artists and their many fans. For this, it is necessary to transform the whole building into a concert area with huge scenes in the heart of the field.
The timelapse allows you to follow and show the impressive work necessary to transform and build scenes, often very ambitious, such as the breathtaking and unstoppable stage device with spider legs of U2 during their world tour in 2009.

Anecdote: On August 15, 1965, the Beatles in the Wind gave a mythical concert at New York’s Shea Stadium, the first to be played in a stadium. They arrive at the stadium, by helicopter, wearing the now famous beige collar uniforms.


360° in Time Lapse by U2


2. Time-lapse of the construction of the scene for Maroon 5


Now let’s get closer to the construction of these scenes to admire the building and implementation work meticulously done by the technical teams of artists and bands. The timelapse below, made during the construction of Maroon 5 stage during their tour in 2013, recounts in a few minutes the incredible installation exercise that lasts several hours. In total for this tour: ‘every day of show, 12 semi-engined trucks are loaded, present a show and then are loaded again. There are 115 points to hold the entire platform in the air, and it weighs 112,340 pounds.’ When the timelapse reveals the invisible …

Anecdote: It is said that for the world tour of Michael Jackson entitled “Dangerous Tour” between 1992 and 1933, 2 Boeing 747 carried not less than 1000 tons of equipment and the assembly of the scene required 3 days full of work 24/24 …


Maroon 5 Load In by Jeff Wuerth


3. Stadium filling and Foo Fighters Concert


After editing the scene, we invite you to discover the filling of a stadium, followed by a concert in a timelapse video …
To illustrate this remarkable moment of crowd sharing, we have chosen to reveal the time lapse of the concert of the famous group Foo Fighters, led by former drummer of Nirvana band, in 2015 at RFK Stadium to celebrate their 20th anniversary. If living the concert from the inside is a real moment of joy and communion, the timelapse then offers the opportunity to relive the concert from another angle. It reminds you of pretty concert memories?

Anecdote: In July 2015, a fan of the Foo Fighters organized an extraordinary event in his hometown of Cesena in Italy: he united 1000 musicians and singers (now called “Rockin 1000 collective”), and all played Learn To Fly to convince Foo Fighters to come play in their city. Touched by this attention, the Foo Fighters came to Cesena in October 2015.


Foo Fighters Concert Time Lapse Video by Events DC


4. From concert to basketball game to hockey game at CBB ARENA


Once the concert is over, come the dismantling of the stage to restore the original state of the place. With increasing attendance at cultural and musical events, arenas become the favorite places to offer the greatest shows. We have chosen to show you the fun transformation of the Citizens Business Bank arena in Ontario, USA, which is taking off its stage wearing from concert to become a basketball court with its plastic floor, then a hockey field with its icy floor. Transformations that only a timelapse video can reveal …
Anecdote: “On 16 October 2017, VINCI Constructions delivers the U Arena in Nanterre, recognized as the largest modular loudspeaker in Europe. […] Covering an area of 115,000 m², [it can, depending on the needs,] be set up as a rugby stadium (30,400 spectators) or an auditorium (up to 40,000 spectators) and [has] a high-performance soundproofing. “source VINCI Constructions.


Arena floor change timelapse by CBBankArena


5. One of the biggest festivals in the world: Coachella and its wonderful colors


Surely one of the most recognized and busiest festivals, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has become the annual musical and artistic rendezvous where you can admire the greatest artists of the time. One of its particularities is that, since 2012, artists have always performed twice at the festival, one week apart. Day and night, the vast plains swarm with festival-goers but also with surprising and colorful artistic objects. What’s better than the timelapse to relive the Coachella phenomenon?
We invite you to (re)live it with this timelapse video of Coachella festival 2014 …

Anecdote: Proof that the Coachella festival is not a festival like the others: in 2016, dozens of people brought their tax documents with them on the spot and decided to pay their taxes from the place of the festival …



To learn more about the Coachella Festival:


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