How about learning how to make a cinemagraph? Many effects can be applied to time-lapse, photos and/or videos and others, but only few can give a different dimension to your image. The cinemagraph is one of it…


Cinemagraph: What is it?

What is a cinemagraph? It is a photograph where one or more areas are animated by a slight repetitive movement. The animation gives the impression of watching a video. Most of the time, the final format is the GIF. The starting point of a cinemagraph is either a video or a series of photos, just like a timelapse.

The cinemagraph effect

About history: “The term “cinemagraph” was coined by U.S. photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, who used the technique to animate their fashion and news photographs beginning in early 2011. ” Wikipedia

Kevin Burg and Jamie Berg remain the unconditional masters of the cinemagraph. It is also possible to admire their work HERE.

We share one of our favorite cinemagraphs for the occasion.

cinemagraph Burg Berg

By Kevin Burg and Jamie Berg

So what is the link with a timelapse?

To make a cinemagraph you can use a timelapse video as a basis. For this, there are mainly two solutions:

  • Use a professional software/tool that will create almost automatically the cinemagraph;
  • Create the cinemagraph effect using photo editing software such as Photoshop.

Wanna learn how to make a cinemagraph? We tell you more about it below …

Tools for making a cinemagraph

          1. Cliplets

This little software was created by Microsoft and you can download it here for free.
Very easy to use, it allows you to quickly create a cinemagraph without any technical knowledge. Find the tutorial here.

          2. Photoshop

Only prerequisite: use a set of timelapse photos or a short video. Indeed the tool isn’t able to manage more than 500 photos. You can then create a video of few seconds as a maximum. Find the tutorial here.

Here is one of the cinemagraphs we made using the above tools:



Some applications exist to create the same kind of effect as the cinemagraph. For example, an application create a fun movement of fast-forward and rewind. Of course, it is Boomerang application by Instagram available on smartphones (Android and iOS).

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See you soon to discover new effects for timelapses.


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